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Cycle to Work Scheme

Purchase a Bike through your Workplace for Less.....

The Cycle to Work Scheme was introduced more  than 20 years ago and is a UK Government Tax Exemption Initiative.   We are very happy to be part of this Scheme.

The idea is to promote healthier work journeys  whilst reducing environmental pollution - allowing Employers to lease* cycles and safety equipment to Employees as a tax-free benefit.

We have ongoing trading agreements with the following Providers:

Green Commute Initiative 

(in our opinion the best out there..)



(the originator)

The basis of this Scheme allows you  to purchase a  bike via your  Employer and the Scheme Provider.  It enables you to get yourself a  shiny new bicycle for use as  exercise, from your Pre-tax and Pre-National Insurance earnings.  This will give you a saving of approximately 25 to 39 per cent on your purchase, depending upon your personal tax situation.  Your Employer will arrange a payment programme for you, this is usually spread over a 12 month period. There is currently no upper price limit for a purchase, unless your employer has set one.

As a bike retailer, we do not get involved with the payment  process - you will need to discuss the details, calculations and  guidelines with your Employer.  However, we do provide your bicycle direct, so collection  would be from us once the payment process is complete.  

Once you have discussed the Scheme details with your Employer, please pop by  to talk through your bike needs, check out what we have in stock / becoming available and take a test ride......

* the  bicycle belongs to  you after a set period of time

Cycle to Work: Welcome
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